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Engineering services to the U.S. Navy since 1988

NTI Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) is an integral part of NTI’s operations. The core of QA at NTI is selecting qualified personnel to manage and perform each task order and closely monitoring performance. As a part of selecting qualified personnel, every effort will be made to train personnel and to retain qualified personnel. The primary mode of management preparation is on-the-job training supplemented by professional courses. The first step in monitoring task performance is to establish a cost budget for each task order. Schedule and cost progress will be closely scrutinized by the program manager and task order leaders to ensure satisfactory technical performance on-time and within budget. Finally, all deliverables under NTI contracts are reviewed by a technical operations senior employee who was not involved in the preparation of the deliverable.

NTI requires subcontractors to maintain a QA system that meets NTI standards as described above. To maximize subcontractor timeliness in meeting deliverables, the subcontractor will be authorized to make deliveries directly to the customer and deliver a copy to NTI. NTI personnel review each deliverable for quality and will change the delivery requirements if deliverables do not meet the standards of the contract.